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Ronne Stone

Her professional dancing career has spanned over 31 years. The Orlando School of Cultural Dance introduced her to African dance in 1993. She was also a member of Kuumba Dance Company in Tampa, Florida, and Adefua Dance Company in Seattle, Washington. Over the years, she has studied West African dance extensively with masters. As a result of her passion for connecting communities to traditional dance and culture, she has created a community class that has flourished for 24 years. At Indiana University, Ronne taught several workshops and was the lead instructor for the African-American Dance Conference. She has worked with the Urban Arts Consortium, Kenyette Dance Company, Assante Children's Theater, Jewel Christian Academy, Ben Davis Dance team, Central Indiana Dance Academy, Indy Dance Academy, Circle City Dance Productions, and Kids Dance Outreach as a choreographer and instructor. In 2014, she choreographed Butler University's production of "The Water Carriers" under the direction of visiting international artist Michael Williams. In 2015, she performed and choreographed the Phoenix Theaters production of "Dontrell Who Kissed the Sea." During the 2017 production of "The Lion King" at Orchard Middle School, her passion for children blossomed.  Her experience teaching children over the past 24 years through the Iibada Dance Company has allowed her to develop children's preschool and high school educational workshops. In 2010, Ronne graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Fine Arts. She has been a teaching artist with Arts For Learning (formerly Young Audiences) for 14 years. During the 2017-2019 school year, she conducted visual arts and dance to students at Ignite Achievement Academy and fine arts at Tindley Genesis Academy from 2019-2021. She has been an adjunct professor at Butler University for 15 years, teaches art at Believe High School and Rooted High School, and continues to partner with numerous arts organizations.

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